I Am More Than My Addiction is now available for only 2.99! 50% of book sales will benefit To Write Love on Her Arms.

Hell’s Laughter & Other Spooky Tales by Alyssa Waugh featuring  illustrations by Luke Spooner is now available on Amazon. Illustrations are black and white in the paperback version and in stunning color in ebook!

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Happy Women’s Equality Day! What better way to celebrate than with true stories of everyday superwomen? Score one for yourself in e-book or paperback, or gift one to that strong woman in your life. Best of all, 2/3 of the proceeds benefit NO Means NO Worldwide, whose goal is to create a rape-free world, and Girls Inc., inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Don’t forget to check your local bookstores and libraries, and  #MeetTheContributors on Facebook for excerpts from the stories and interviews with the strong women behind them. #IAMSTRENGTH💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿

Women are superheroes. Strength is built into every aspect of our lives. I AM STRENGTH is a collection of true stories, poems, and art created by women from all walks of life, championing our everyday struggles and triumphs.


Two thirds of the proceeds from sales of this book will benefit No Means No Worldwide, whose goal is to create a rape-free world, and Girls Inc., inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.



Every woman has a song of strength to sing, and I AM STRENGTH will help amplify it.


“In my life and work, I have learned that the experiences shared in Alyssa Waugh’s I AM STRENGTH are all too common. That’s why strong and insightful voices like the ones brought together in this collection are so important—they remind us that we are not alone, that we have so much to share, and that our sharing has the power to help others feel seen and supported in their own lives. These stories are a gift. I AM STRENGTH will open your eyes, break your heart, and above all, remind you that you are strength too.” ~Chloé McFeters, director of You Look a Lot Like Me and author of Still, But Not Silent

“The stories in I AM STRENGTH are like long, silk strands of what it means to be a woman.  Every woman will find a point of recognition in this collection. From Bryne Lewis’ powerful meditation on when and how to escape to Amber Fallon’s tension-filled tale of learning to heed the red flags, these stories will leave you both breathless and hopeful all at once. In this collection, there are threads of love, lust, longing, fear, abandonment, abuse, strength, survival, and everything in between – woven beautifully together to comprise the fabric of femininity. This collection of stories is a must read.” ~Amye Archer, author of Fat Girl Skinny and editor of My Body, My Words.

I AM STRENGTH is just that. Packed full of courage and inspiration. Something to embolden, heal, and encourage women of all generations and backgrounds. Build each other up, my dear women. Share your challenges, your triumphs, your losses, and your victories, in whatever way works best for you, as these brave women have done. We all need more of this. Thank you to all the contributors and editors of this amazing book, for creating a gift to the rest of us.” ~Shannon Watson, Managing Editor of Greed Media

“What makes this compilation extraordinary is that it does not rely on celebrity or well-established writers for content. This book gives voice to women who have remained voiceless for too long. It reminds us of the heroism of women facing what most casually dismiss as common challenges of life. It illuminates the courage and resilience, the resourcefulness and commitment women deploy daily to survive in a world where discrimination and injustice, not to mention cruelty, are all too common. It reminds us that small miracles happen daily. Refresh your faith in humanity here.” ~Tamra Lucid, blogger for Reality Sandwich, music and documentary producer at Lucid Nation Media

Available soon on and, or check your local independent bookstores. 

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