What’s the difference between faith and blind faith? When you have faith, you pursue your dreams but all the while make contingency plans in case it doesn’t work out. You work a job you hate as a safety net just in case your true passion doesn’t result in a paycheck. No matter how strong your convictions, there’s always a hint of doubt.

Blind Faith is when you risk everything on what you want becoming a reality. You don’t let good reason get in the way of your goal. You don’t try to make it happen. You make it happen. Because everything depends on it.

Are you sick of bombastic publishers whose submission instructions require you to put extra time and energy into making sure your manuscript is formatted exactly right, just so they can throw it out without reading a word of your story because the page number in your header was in Calibri instead of Times New Roman?

So are we.


Do you roll your eyes when you try to submit a story somewhere and their website pretentiously declares “don’t even bother sending something about vampires or aliens,” and you imagine the publishers laughing at you as you read it?

So do we.

Are you tired of waiting months for snobby rejection e-mails saying “this didn’t quite do it for me, I’m afraid.”

So are we.

Are you tired of being told by “experts” that you must change everything about your story in order for it to sell, and all the contradictory advice from writers, agents, editors, and publishers?

So are we.

As many of you might agree, the publishing industry just isn’t what it used to be. Day by day, traditional publishers seem to strip away more and more services from aspiring and established authors. Be it cash advances, marketing, editing services, or design, traditional publishers seem dead set on acquiring the best stories to sell while putting in the least time, effort, and money to sell them. Basically, they want to have their cake and eat it too. We don’t have to let them.

Do you have a story that demands to be told? Do you believe in your story above all else? With a little bit of Blind Faith, your story can exist among the pantheon of stories out there in the literary world. We can help. See our  editing and design services. Talk to one of our experienced editors to make your story the best it can be. Live the dream of being a published author. All with just a tiny dose of Blind Faith.

Why Publish with us?

We provide services for all types of books including fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, middle grade, children’s picture books, and more. If your story demands to be told, if you have blind faith, then we want to work with you.

We will never tell you to take the vampires out of your vampire book or remove the faeries from your fairy tale. We will never tell you to add 30,000 words to your children’s picture book and change it to middle grade because that is “the only way” it will sell. At Blind Faith, we still have faith in people and in the power of stories. As authors we don’t have to adhere to formulas like mathematicians until every book on the shelf reads like every other book. If a story is good, people will read it. It’s that simple. Yes, there are proven methods to selling a book that work, and we will help you incorporate those methods all while leaving the essence of your story intact.

Blind Faith authors maintain all rights and ownership of their work. We will promote your book on our website and social media accounts, and unlike traditional publishers, we are not trying to take a majority of your royalty fees. We don’t offer contracts or advances like big publishers might. Rather, you get paid as your book sells. Why not just self publish, you might ask. Despite what some critics and gatekeepers want us to believe, there’s nothing at all wrong with opening  the door yourself and letting your story out into the world. But you and your story don’t have to go it alone. Your book deserves the same care and thorough analysis that the big publishers used to offer, and we can give it to you. We’re industry-trained. We know what works. We can help you make your dreams come true.

Consider your other options.

Because of all the positive aspects mentioned above, it should be noted that we can’t provide the same marketing techniques as the big guys. But for this service (which seems to be diminishing in quality every day), big, evil publishing conglomerates will still expect you to do much of the marketing and promotion yourself, and they’ll take a large percentage of your royalties, and your soul.

Think we’re the right press for you? See our submission guidelines.


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