We provide editing services whether your book has been accepted for publication by Blind Faith Books or not. You can read more about both options below.

For books accepted for publication by Blind Faith Books:

If your book is accepted, The powers that be will edit and proofread your work before it is published. A second pair of eyes ensures there are no pesky typos uglying up your beautiful work of art.

For time consuming editing and proofreading services, Blind Faith Books takes 20% of book sales. We don’t get paid unless you do. Because we only take unagented submissions, you keep the 10% of sales that would normally go to an agent. The book seller takes 30% so the author keeps 50% of all sales.

There is a disturbing trend in the publishing industry, especially in popular genre fiction, in which quantity has surpassed quality. There seems to exist an unspoken agreement whereby if a story is good and has movie potential, the writing can be shoddy or mediocre and this is considered acceptable. Rather than pumping out tons of trendy, unoriginal, copycatted, mind-numbingly formulaic books, Blind Faith still believes in quality over quantity: Engaging stories AND excellent writing. Since big publishers often skimp on editing to rush books to market, the writing often suffers excruciating errors in spelling, sentence structure, point of view shifts, and tense shifts.

One of the biggest problems with traditional publishing today is how much money they take without giving much of anything to the author in return. For our small fee (20%), we edit, proofread, and provide a book cover design as well as all sales information.

Publishing with us is a collaborative and transparent process. We want to work with the author, helping you create a back of the book synopsis and cover design that suit your story and help sell your book.  We want to lay everything out for you here as truthfully and openly as possible. If you have further questions about our publishing process, see our About and Submission Guidelines pages, or send us an e-mail to editors@blindfaithbooks.com

For books not accepted by Blind Faith Books for publication:

If you decide not to submit to Blind Faith books, but would still like your manuscript edited to prepare it for the submission process elsewhere, or to self publish, we are currently open for proofreading and editing services. To get started, simply e-mail your document to editors@blindfaithbooks.com with “free review” as the subject, and we will review your work for free. The free review entails a quick scan of your document to assess the overall quality and where it is in the drafting process. If we find that your document would be good fit for us, we will accept it for editing services.

We offer editing services for all genres of books, including fiction, non-fiction, academic papers, corporate documents, and more. Whether you need a light proofread or a full developmental edit, we can take care of all of your editing needs:

Line Edit/Proofread     $6.50/1,000 words

We will check for all typographical errors, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. We will also address language-usage issues and provide minor recommendations for improving the overall flow of the text. We do not review your revisions in response to the initial edit.

Developmental Edit     $10.50/1,000 words

In addition to the tasks performed during a line edit, we will restructure sentences where needed and we will provide a focus on consistency and style (e.g. which abbreviations are used, how numbers are referred to, which words are hyphenated, what fonts are used for headers/sub headers, etc.). We will review the content and the quality of your manuscript, addressing organization, transitions, tone, voice, and complexity. For fiction titles, we will check for plot holes and character inconsistencies and we will make suggestions as to the book’s dialogue, pace, and clarity. A review of your revisions in response to our initial edit is included.

We provide services for all types of books including fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, middle grade, children’s picture books, and more. If your story demands to be told then we want to work with you.

Find out if we’re a good match for you. Send 1000 words of your content (or 4 pages of a children’s book) to editors@blindfaithbooks.com with the subject “sample edit” for a free and complimentary sample edit and we’ll respond shortly.
Note: We consider your file to be copyrighted matter and we respect your ownership of the expressed content.